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Waiter / Bartender / Barmaid / Barista Service

With our waiters and waitresses wo are specialized in an impressive presentaiton and presentable manners, we achieve professional results in dinner, cocktail and party organisations.

Cook Service

Our crews who work in kitchen, which is the most fundamental department of the food and drink services, fuses their educations on personal hygiene, rules of working in a kitchen and team spirit with their experiences.

Kitchen Cleaning Personnel Service

Our kitchen cleaning personnel have the necessary training on keeping the tools used in services clean and preserving them in a ready to use order. Our crews complete their tasks with passion and a smile on their faces.


Our crews, who work on housekeeping departments of the hotels, successfully completed their trainings on cleaning the rooms in the specified ways, getting all the details ready with caution and checking the final work out after finishing the process.

Host & Hostes Service

Our host & hostes crews serve with a proper elocution and a noticeable kindness in brands' commercials of various concepts, in special vocations and in fair & conventions.

Company Management Support

We build you a professional crew that can carry your company to the top level and answer all your needs.

Event Organisation & Consultancy Service

In companies, offices or other chosen locations, we plan workshops, happy hour organisations and various events, with our experts who targets to provide all the necessary services throughout the organisation in order to create a flawless experience.


We organise business parties, motivation meetings and various events in the most prestigious locations of Turkey, with creative and unique projects. We progress our works targetting to develope an innovative and professional synergy in the entertainment sector.


Discover Plus Academy to experience innovations of the modern world and the delicacy of the business world in a uniquely developed education program.


Balmumcu Province,

Barbaros Bulvarı

Eser Apartment No: 78 D: 9


Phone: +90 (212) 227 70 57

Fax: +90 (212) 227 70 58



Özel İstihdam Bürosu Olarak 27/06/2022 – 26/06/2025 tarihleri arasında faaliyette bulunmak üzere, Türkiye İş Kurumu’nun 21.06.2022 tarih ve 1379 numaralı aracılık izin belgesi ile faaliyet göstermektedir. 4904 sayılı Kanun uyarınca iş arayanlardan ücret alınması yasaktır” Türkiye İş Kurumu İstanbul İl Müdürlüğü: 0212 249 29 87 Türkiye İş Kurumu İstanbul Çalışma ve İş Kurumu Beyoğlu Hizmet Merkezi: 0212 243 76 12

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